Mediation is a way to negotiate agreements and resolve legal disputes out of court. Together with the mediator, you and the other parties work out resolutions that everyone can commit to. The mediator then prepares a written agreement reflecting these resolutions. Jarratt Martin Law, P.C. focuses on mediation for families, including family law, family business, and family estate problems.

Family Law

Family law mediations typically concern divorce, custody, or non-marital romantic partnership break-ups. The parties meet directly with the mediator in a series of meetings focused on finding mutually agreeable resolutions. Most parties come to mediation without attorneys, instead of consulting with independent attorneys as needed outside of the mediation process. Mediation resolves family law matters in less time, for less money, and with less stress than other more traditional legal solutions. Jarratt Martin Law, P.C. helps to keep the parties focused on outcomes, on constructive communication, and helps with the creation of legal documents.

Family Business

Family business mediation is an effective means of working through various legal issues—forming a business, dissolving one or working with other owners or employees to resolve day-to-day conflicts that are bound to arise in small businesses. There is no requirement that you and the other business owners be related by blood or the law. Jarratt Martin Law, P.C. recognizes that small businesses owners often operate in a family-like manner. Through mediation, you and your business partner (or partners) can keep the lines of communication open, explore solutions and opportunities in a collaborative space rather than a competitive one, and maintain dignity and respect in your business relationship.

Family Estate Mediation

Family Estate mediation focuses on resolving issues that arise when a loved one becomes incapacitated or passes on. Fighting over health care, financial, or estate management issues can destroy families at a time when they need each other the most. Jarratt Martin Law, P.C. offers a safe space where your family can come together to make important and difficult decisions. Mediation is a neutral zone where each person is encouraged to offer suggestions, explore solutions, and put together a plan that takes different views into consideration.