Debt Relief

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Does the coronavirus pandemic have you drowning in medical, credit, mortgage, or tax debts? Are you afraid to answer your phone, open your mailbox, or answer your door because debt collectors are harassing you? You are not alone.

At Jarratt Martin Law, P.C., our attorneys and staff can help you find Debt Relief. We evaluate your personal circumstances and help you to decide how to best protect yourself from collections, judgments, and liens. If you need help to put an end to the calls, the threats, and the agony of financial stress, we are here to take that burden on for you. We can negotiate with your creditors, including the IRS. We can represent you in federal Bankruptcy court. With our help, you can rest easy and focus on rebuilding your financial house.

For some people, the best strategy will be to do nothing or very little. Perhaps you are judgment proof or a debt collector is attempting to collect a debt that he is no longer legally allowed to collect If so, we can coach you on how to deal with your creditors or we can send cease and desist letters to stop the harassment.

More often than not, doing nothing is not the best solution, which is why you should not take that option unless advised to do so by an attorney. For most of us, creditors (companies or people to whom you owe money) are not just going to go away. You could be sued, have your wages garnished, your bank accounts emptied, or have a lien put against your house. You have the power to stop creditors from using these collection methods against you. By filing a bankruptcy petition, lawsuits against you will be stayed immediately pending review by the bankruptcy court. Wage garnishments, levies, and liens will no longer be available to your creditors, giving you time to solve your debt issues.

There are four different types of bankruptcy available to individual debtors (meaning humans so married people you are individual debtors too). Which type of bankruptcy will best fit your needs depends on a number of facts specific to your finances. At Jarratt Martin Law, P.C. we use a 45-minute Debt Relief Consult in order to dig into your facts and figure out which options will work best for your life. At the end of this zoom meeting or telephone conference, you will know your available options and often times be ready to get started on relieving yourself from the agony caused by your debt.

Don’t let guilt or shame stop you from receiving the relief that you deserve. We know you did not mean to get behind on your payments. We understand that you could not have predicted the financial crisis that you currently find yourself in. And we want to help you start anew. We can only do that if you reach out and ask for our help. Do not continue to suffer in silence: book your zoom or phone conference today. It’s easy; just select a time below or call our paralegal Jodi Altizer and she will help you get started.